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Phoenix Court Flooding


Students woken up in the early hours of the morning by major flooding in Phoenix Court in the city centre.

On the 6th of November students were left outside their flats until the early hours of the morning due to a major flooding that occurred in the student halls. It began on the tenth floor and eventually the water leaked all the way down to the fourth, which caused a fire alarm to go off at 2am meaning all students had leave their flats immediately. The water flow from a damaged pipe was strong enough to break parts of the ceiling on the ninth floor, which started to fall as the residents were walking down the corridor to the fire escape.

Fire brigades and electricians rushed to the incident and shut down the electricity in the whole building to avoid a shortcut circuit. They asked the students to quickly grab all the necessary things from their rooms that they might need for the night. After that, everyone had to wait for six hours sat down on the ground floor in Marketgate, the halls next door to Phoenix Court.

Only after the safety checks, people who live on the bottom floors were allowed back in to their rooms. The unlucky ones from the top three floors had to stay awake and wait until midday as their flats were the most affected by the flooding and were considered unsafe. It was decided to put them in to a hotel in the city centre for two nights until everything was repaired.

Thankfully no one was hurt and none of the student’s belongings were damaged as the flooding only affected the corridors. Accommodation stuff were supportive, keeping people updated throughout the night and offering water, hot drinks and breakfast in the morning. This night was one to be remembered for a long time for all of those in the Phoenix Court.

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