Lantern Parade celebrates 100 years of women’s rights


Despite the bitter cold on Tuesday, 6 February, a lantern parade marched its way down Park Street, Bristol to celebrate #100years of women’s suffrage. Together women and men, young and old, gathered in their hundreds armed with their lanterns.

A century has passed since women gained the right to vote. But with the appearance of the slogan “equal pay now” it is clear this is both a celebration of how far women have come but also a reminder more needs to be done.

Attendees dressed in the traditional colours of the suffragettes; green, purple and white.

The Bristol post reports that many “shouted their encouragement” as the group made their way down towards college green.

Upon arrival speeches were given and 100 Voices girls’ choir took to the stage to singing March of the Women.

The event organized by Bristol Women’s Voice, ensured that places of significance to the suffragette fight were acknowledged as they proceeded through the streets.

Congregating in Berkeley Square – close to the former suffragette headquarters and forward past the Victoria Rooms of Bristol University which hosted Emmeline Pankhurst during meetings of the Women’s Social and Political Union.

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