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Bristol Music – Seven decades of Sound



Bristol’s music life has always been thriving. From the 1950’s all the way through to the current decade, Dr Rehan Hyder has successfully encapsulated the vivid music culture so long been established in our lively city.

With the help of students on various degree courses at UWE, music fans were interviewed, amazing creative and graphic designs were produced, and nostalgic stories were heard in order to form the exhibition which ran at the Mshed from the 19th of May to the 30th of September.


The exhibition successfully transported its visitors through time. Music from across the decades could be experienced, remembered and embraced. The visitor could walk through the ages and be absorbed by each decade in turn, before stumbling across the shopping for music section and flick through hundreds of records. They could then dance the night away in the mini club before reminiscing about festival times.


The graffitied car captured attention with its radio blaring songs by the Bananarama and The Wurzles in a unique immersive experience of sound. With sound and music comes style, and that made up one of the final sections of the exhibition. A row of white doors acted as gateways to previous clothing eras. The 1960’s band uniform comprised of a mismatched suit and bright red bow tie stood in direct contrast to the punk outfit next door. In memorable yellow, the 1950’s vintage dress overshadowed its neighbour the tan leather and fur jacket. Thank goodness some trends have died out!

Seven Decades of Sound took people back to times they remember vividly. The exhibition told a story of Bristol’s music culture that has been and will continue to be shaped by its citizens. This was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for most who visited and with the added incentive to pay what you think rather than a fixed entry fee, it is no surprise that the exhibition was a great success!

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