How to wake up early: 5 tips for surviving your dreaded 9am lectures


With the summer months safely behind us, and the ever-looming winter months among us, many of us find it increasingly hard to get up in the morning…. even without a hangover! Sometimes your 9am’s can feel like mission impossible and you will often hit the ‘snooze’ button on your alarm several times before you actually get out of bed.

So why is it so hard to get up in the mornings? Is it because you had a heavy night out at Lakota with your mates the night before? Or is it because you just love your sleep? Who really knows ay?

Nevertheless, I present to you 5 useful tips and tricks for making it to your dreaded 9am lectures and not falling asleep half way through.

  1. Adjust your routine

Okay, this goes without saying but if you haven’t altered your bedtime routine then how do you expect to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning? Many of us often deprive ourselves of our precious beauty sleep for one reason or another. It is important that you allow yourself at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night, sorry guys but 4 hours of sleep after a heavy night at PamPams just won’t cut it! The sooner you alter your sleeping pattern, the sooner your body will adjust to it and waking up early will become like second nature to you.

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2. Set an alarm!!

Oh, for crying out loud, why don’t you already have an alarm on your phone? Guys, come on now, I know some of you might be efficient enough at waking yourself up for 9am’s but I also know a large quantity of you aren’t so please, please, please, just set an alarm and save yourselves the embarrassment of walking into lecture 15 minutes late in last night’s outfit!



3. Turn off your electronics

It is equally important that you turn off your electronics and wind down as early as possible before bed as it allows you to relax and actually take time out for yourself. Why not finish that book you just started reading last week? Or listen to some chilled, sexy Frank Ocean vibes?phone.PNG


4. Prepare!

Another useful tip is preparing for the next day. You can do this with great ease just by preparing your lunch or even getting your notes together and in your bag. Trust me, I know the struggle of having a frantic scramble around in the morning trying to find the homework I did the night before!

Pro tip: the more you prepare for the next day the night before, the more time you can spend in bed.



5. Stay awake!

Another issue that I find myself after narrowly surviving my 9am lectures is maintaining that alertness and staying awake for the rest of the day. This can again be achieved easily through the use of drinking coffee regularly throughout the day, going to the gym and exercising after classes and even splashing cold water all over your face (an obvious one).



It is natural to sometimes ‘crash’ throughout the day and yes everyone naps from time to time but in order to sustain this 9am mentality, you must change your old habits and routines and replace them with new ones that enable you to sleep earlier and wake up earlier! Waking up for 9am’s isn’t easy but it is definitely achievable if you follow my tips.

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