Issue 4 of HUB Voice now available in print

The Spring 2019 edition, Issue 4, of HUB Voice is now available in print!

Copies are always FREE and are available on Frenchay Campus, Glenside, Bower Ashton, and Gloucester Campus.

Issues are always in full colour and are stunning to look at, featuring great design throughout.

Where to find it

HUB Voice Issue 4 in Building 2 of the SU.
Photo: Beth Owen, Cover photo:
Maya Bond-Webster

Frenchay Campus

Copies can be found in Building 2 of the Students’ Union, the Students’ Union Shop next to OneZone, and the S Block Café

Glenside, Bower Ashton, and Gloucester

Find HUB Voice at the Info Point!

Want to see your stories in print?

Join us at the Students’ Union website, and get access to our members-only newsroom, and have your stories featured on our website and in print!


Thanks to everyone who helped put together this edition of HUB Voice!


  • Bethan Owen

Head Designer

  • Samuel Thomas


  • Jack Fifield
  • Isla Kouassi-Kan
  • Elena-Andreea Oprea
  • Leah Richardson
  • Philippa Jefferies


  • Lauren Dutch
  • Lottie Johnson
  • Jade Rose
  • Leah Jayne Williams

Cover Photograph

  • Maya Bond-Webster

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