Fashion Photography


Words and photography by Sarah Scorey.

Everyone has their own fashion style, even if they’re living in the same place. Some people believe that if people live in the same area then they will dress moderately the same, with maybe one or two individual tweaks. I believe that everyone has their own sense of style, and like specific clothes to them, regardless of what is being sold in shops, and what clothes they decide to wear can say a lot about the type of person they are. For example, Rosie prefers to wear clothes with splashes of colour in them and more natural jewellery to compliment her outfits. In the photos shown, Rosie has a splash of yellow in her outfit and this highlights how she is a bubbly, optimistic, happy person, which is what you associate with the colour yellow, and if you know her personally, then you know this is a nearly perfect explanation of her character.

We are not mindless robots who follow the crowd

Personally, I like that we live in a society where we can wear anything we want to help portray who we are to the world. This means that we can think for ourselves about what we’re comfortable wearing; we are not mindless robots who follow the crowd. Having your own fashion style provides you with a sense of your own identity and allows you to feel and have control over your body, which is very important to a lot of people, including me.

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