Why an election might be the wrong move

Politicians drag their feet back to their constituencies, dreading the unenviable prospect of facing voters on the doorstep in this: The Brexit age of British politics.

Volunteers will trudge up sodden streets. They’ll be yelled at for having a different opinion and perhaps even worse, (please don’t do this, they give up their time for what they believe in. Respect that). Despite being in my third year and therefore INCREDIBLY busy, I still look forward to returning home and campaigning for our candidate who is going to kick out the Tory wasting space.

The Liberal Democrats are the strongest Remain party and have been clear from the start: there is no version of Brexit with a positive outcome and therefore a second vote should take place. The Tories, despite promising such a thing as far back as 2011, have decided to become the fundamental party they were trying to destroy by having a referendum in the first place! On the other hand, the Labour party have dillied and dallied for years, only recently deciding to hold a second referendum on the condition that they renegotiate the deal with Brussels. Then they will actively campaign against the deal they have negotiated which is ridiculous! Because of the situation we now find ourselves in, the Lib Dems have one single policy for Brexit if we form a majority government: Cancel it. Our primary policy other than that remains a People’s Vote.

I think it’s important to stress that, despite all the bluster in the national headlines, this will not be an election solely about Brexit. First Past the Post won’t allow it. People will vote for the best person to represent them locally and not necessarily for the government. I have had many arguments with people who think that tactical voting is a hoax, made up to benefit… actually I don’t know who it supposedly benefits but I know that not partaking in it leads to the person you like the least getting in anyway. FPTP is a ruthless, frankly undemocratic system that silences the majority of people in the country. However, we have to work with what we have, even if what we have isn’t very effective.

Regardless, I recommend to all those reading this that you register to vote immediately. Even if the system is a flawed one, it is still a system of democracy that we abide by to voice our opinions and elect our representatives. With enough democratic participation it can be somewhat representative. So I implore you, blind to your opinion on Brexit, to register and show that you care about this country as much as the politicians who claim they do and hold them accountable. Now’s the time to kick them out if you wish; take ahold of that opportunity.

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