An insight into procrastination

Procrastination: the action of delaying or postponing something. I, on the other hand, prefer to call it the bane of my life. I procrastinate everything and anything.

Hungry? I’ll eat later. Got an essay to write? Sounds like tomorrow will be a great day for it. Need to tidy my room? That’s a problem for future Tom.

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I am even procrastinating right now, while I’m writing this article. I should be doing work for my lectures but instead my mind finds a way to do anything BUT what I need to do.

Unfortunately at uni and in life in general, this doesn’t sound like a great attitude to have, and trust me, it’s not! The number of all-nighters and last minute submissions I have had to do because I have watched countless hours of pointless YouTube videos is ridiculous.

There is a TED talk on procrastination which I have watched multiple times whilst procrastinating. Yes, I know how ironic that is. The talker goes on to say there is a “procrastination monkey” in the mind of every procrastinator. This monkey is the reason why I distract myself with everything but the task at hand. They go on to say that when a deadline starts to approach a “Panic Monster’ appears. This scares the monkey away so that deadlines can be met. Therefore, I owe this monster for every bit of late night revision I have ever done before an exam and for every all-nighter I have pulled to get an essay done.

In the talk the speaker comes to the realisation that when there are deadlines to be met, this “panic monster” appears and sorts everything out. But when there are no deadlines the “procrastination monkey” is free to play. This results in lifelong goals or bucket list activities not getting accomplished, as there are no deadlines.

What I took away from the talk was to not let the monkey ruin the goals you set yourself.

So, when there is a deadline approaching, us procrastinators will somehow pull arabbit out of the hat and make the submission date. But when life doesn’t set deadlines, don’t let the monkey distract you from the goals you set yourself, as the “Panic Monster” won’t be there to save you.

Featured image: Tim Gouw / Unsplash

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