Big clashes at UWE’s mega sporting event

Photos by Maya Bond-Webster and Ellie Potts

The University of the West of England put on an all-day event at Lockleaze Sports centre on the 30th of October. The event featured games from Lacrosse, Football and Rugby. 

The full day of sports kicked off in lacrosse in a game with the women’s 2nd team. Bournemouth managed to dominate UWE using their experience and their slick passing. UWE did, however, put up a fight, making aggressive attacks and runs throughout the game eventually leading to Sophie Loader putting a point on the board for UWE, ending the game with a score of 25-1. The UWE women’s 1st team then went on to make a statement against the Royal Agricultural 1st team with an impressive result of 32-1. UWE Men’s 1st made the last appearance ending the day of lacrosse with a performance of a lifetime making a statement with 15-1, to close the show.

Photo: Maya Bond-Webster

On the other side of the sports complex taking place at the same time as the lacrosse teams, four of UWE’s men’s football teams were doing battle for our enjoyment. With UWE 3rds and Exeter 5th team taking place first, in a seemingly even match with both team’s looking to edge out each other but ultimately ending in a 2-2 draw. Then UWE’s 4th team took on Cardiff met 6th team next in what ended in another draw, this time 1-1. The UWE 2nds then suffered what the first loss of the day in the football, and It was at the hands of the Solent Men’s 2nd team with them winning 3-0. This seemed to lead into another defeat for UWE 1st team in a hard-fought game against the local rival Bath Men’s 2nds which resulted in a 4-0 win for Bath.

Photo: Maya Bond-Webster

Throughout the event, we got to witness multiple athletes clashing against each other to determine who is the better team on that day. So, it seems fitting that it ended with a furious display put on by two titan rugby teams the UWE women’s 1st team and the Marjon Women’s 1st  team, the physical and gritty game was hard-won but ended with UWE winning 44-17.

I spoke to the captain of the team who kicked it all off Molly Harris, the 20-year-old 2nd team captain who has been playing lacrosse 4 years now. I talked to her about the game, and it was clear that the loss had not discouraged her she said that “Most of the girls had not even played a lacrosse game before” and that she “Saw loads of potential in the girls”. Speaking on why playing sports and events like these are so important she said: “Sports are a great place to progress, and there is really nothing that compares to being part of a sports team” and “we need it to be more widespread when it comes to varsity” “having people cheering on the side-lines makes all the difference”. She ended are conversation showing hope for the future of the team by saying “there is a variety of players on our team and I think we can go far”.

Wanting to get a footballer’s perspective, I spoke to James Quartley, the UWE second team captain. When I asked him about the game despite what the result was, he said: “We’re still near the top of the league and have a good team which gives us plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the rest of the season.” He also spoke of the event saying “UWE putting on sports events at Lockleaze, Hillside Gardens and other facilities is great for the university and students. It helps us all bond and meet new people as well as build relationships with people we otherwise may never have come in contact with”. He also went on to say where he thought the team would go, stating “I think we should be aiming to finish in the top two places in the league, if not win the league, but we can’t get too ahead of ourselves just yet”.

Speaking to the players and captains there was one thing I took away, and that was a sense of comradery and admiration for each other regardless of the result, they felt could not have any other way than putting it all on the line in their sport.  There was a mixed bag of results for UWE over the day event. However, we should look for the future with hope for UWE’s teams, as they certainly do.

Featured image: Ellie Potts

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