UWE Professor/Bristol councillor suspended from Labour Party for “antisemitism” on Facebook

Update (11/12): UWE have removed Ms. Bradley’s staff profile from their website, and provided this response: “Professor Harriet Bradley left the university a year ago, so is not a current employee of UWE Bristol. There was a staff profile of her on our website up until recently which had been left up in error and may have caused some confusion – it has since been removed.”

Harriet Bradley, Professor of Women’s Employment within the Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) at UWE and a local councillor for Brislington West has been suspended from the Labour party following comments about Jewish people on her Facebook page.

The image was shared on Twitter by @BristolRed

The post, since deleted, has the professor commenting on a photograph by “Jewish Voice for Labour” with people holding signs saying “Jews for Jeremy” and “Free Speech for Palestine”, where she describes them as “The right kind of Jews – ie left voters”.

In a statement, Marvin Rees, elected Labour Mayor of Bristol, said “Councillor Bradley’s comments do not at all reflect the views and values of our Labour administration. We have a zero tolerance policy on antisemitism.

“Bristol is proud to be a diverse city, and we are engaging with all communities to tackle the shocking rise in hate crime in recent years

“We are working with and listening to Bristol’s Jewish communities to root out antisemitism wherever we find it in our city, party, and society.”

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