A review of “The Roommates” by Rachel Sargeant

Four girls arrive at their flat share at the beginning of university. All from different backgrounds and all hiding a secret. Then one of them suddenly disappears- did she leave or was she taken?

The author has managed to perfectly capture the emotions of fresher’s week, the excitement of moving away and the dread of trying to make friends and fitting in. The characters feel so real, as you can relate to what each one of them is going through and can recognise their feelings from your own experience. I could empathise with each character and how they felt about the situation, making the situation more real and getting me increasingly invested.

I fell in love with everyone in this story, they all have their own complex story lines which intertwined to make a book which I didn’t want to put down. I loved not being able to predict the twist and turns in this story and having to go along with the ride to find out what the answers were. But even when there were answers there were always more questions and intrigue just around the corner.

The last few chapters were incredibly tense and full of action and I loved how the ending didn’t answer all your questions. You will be left wondering what happens next and longing for more.

Photo by Nigel Sargeant

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