Voting in SU elections now open as Democratic Procedures Officer resigns over referendum

Voting in the Students’ Union elections opened at 10AM today amidst controversy over a referendum that asks students whether to accept changes to the Students’ Union’s constitution that has caused a Democratic Procedures Officer (DPO) to resign. Alleging that the “final version of the changes were produced without any student consultation whatsoever”, DPO Derya Khalilpour decided to step down.

In a resignation letter seen by HUB Magazine, the letter to the Representation Officer Will Hoskin goes on to chastise the referendum as “fall[ing] far behind sector best practice and the precedent set by previous referenda in our own SU”, with Khalilpour stating that he “view[s] the continuation of the referendum as a fundamentally undemocratic endeavour.”

This comes after an opinion article published in this magazine on Saturday where Khalilpour admonishes the changes as “awful suggestions that I believe would be a detriment to the Students’ Union”.

Voting in the Students’ Union leadership races and referendum is now open until 10PM on Thursday 5th March. Students may cast their ballots online at www.thestudentsunion.co.uk/elections/. Students must sign in to cast their ballot. Any students with issues casting their votes are encouraged to contact the Students’ Union’s representation team at SUElections@uwe.ac.uk.

Referendum choices appear in a random order, so students are encouraged to carefully note the positions of the options, as they may differ to other students’ experiences.

Voting for presidential candidates is by order of preference, with each role allowing students to click on candidates in their preferred order. Students do not need to vote for all candidates and may cast their vote without selecting all candidates on the list. Students may also vote for “Re-open Nominations” at any position in their order of preference if they wish, but this is not compulsory.

A list of candidates and manifestos can be viewed when signed in on The Students’ Union website at https://www.thestudentsunion.co.uk/elections/candidates/381/ . Not all candidates have manifestos or a full name on their candidate listing. When the author of this article asked The Students’ Union for contact details of the candidates or for the full names of each candidate, the Representation Officer at the Students’ Union responded: “Unfortunately I am unable to send you their details because of GDPR.”

Photo: Maya Bond-Webster

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