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Your Guide to the Students’ Union Presidential Elections

Photography by Kane Smith

Votes are now open for you to vote for the next Students’ Union President. The polls will close at 10PM on Thursday 5th March. 
As this is a quick turnaround, we thought we would provide you with an easy guide outlining each candidate running with no-bias and key points from their manifesto to help you decide. 

This year, five candidates are running for this position.

Mohamed Mohamoud Ahmed- ‘Learning for today and tomorrow’ 

Mohamed has previously worked with former Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, whilst participating in the Mayoral Elections in Bristol. He also runs weekly projects supporting underprivileged areas of Bristol. 

If he were to become president, he would like to focus on creating one UWE community, bringing together the different campuses. Mohamed would also like to ensure he provides the improvements students have requested. For example, a gym on Glenside Campus and a new, faster bus route to Bower Ashton.

Augusta Chidinma Nnajiofor- ‘Ready to deliver again’.    

As Vice President Community and Welfare for the 2018/2019 academic year, Augusta has already organised successful projects for UWE such as World Mental Health Day, Black History Month campaigns and UWE’s first talent show. 

Augusta’s campaign themes include making UWE a positive, safe and inclusive place for all students. She is aiming to achieve this through improving areas such as education, community and wellbeing.  She will do this through reducing the cluster of assignment deadlines, provide sponsorship guidance and career coaching for International students and improve student wellbeing communication, among a list of other objectives.    

Sanjin Hossain

Unfortunately, Sanjin has no manifesto attached to his running for President. We are, therefore, unable to provide information on his suitability or goals. 

Zoë Peat-  ‘Vote Zoë for SU President!’

Zoë currently is acting as both President of UWE Debating and a Tribunal Advocate for Bristol Law Centre. She supports her local community by providing Pro Bono work (working without charging those she is providing for which includes doing legal work for low income clients). 

Her manifesto outlines her desire to improve mental health, inclusivity and affordability across all UWE campuses. Zoë will do this through creating a better outreach for mental health, providing wider food options catering for different religions and ethical beliefs, as well as lowering food prices on campus. She hopes to encourage and listen to the needs of smaller societies, and lower car parking prices. 

Precious Onyenekwu Tatah- ‘Keep YOUR VOICE Precious’

Precious is the Students’ Union current 2019/20 president who, in her time in this role, has led the most successful Black History Month at UWE. Her work launched the Hall of Fame, which was recognised by the BBC. She has also provided job support for international students and improved mental health awareness and support. These are on an extensive list of other achievements outlined in full under Precious’ manifesto on the UWE SU website. 

If Precious was to be elected as president again, she would be hoping to improve satellite-campus-visibility, student welfare and experience, technology, sustainability and international student support. She would make improvements to these areas by working on networking events, continuing to improve mental health awareness, starting a green campus campaign and helping international students transition to UWE by creating a pre-arrival guide on housing and employability.  

There are also candidates for the roles of Vice President Community and Welfare, Vice President Education, Vice President Societies and Communication, Vice President Sports and Health, BME Officer, City Campus Officer, Democratic Procedures Officer, Disabled Students Officer and International Students Officer. For more details on each of these roles, please visit the Students’ Union website.

We hope this has helped you make an informed decision on who you want as your next Students’ Union President. To vote, simply log into UWE’s Student Union website, visit ‘The Leadership Race 2020/21’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

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