SU Elections – The Results

Precious Onyenekwu Tatah, the current SU president, was disqualified from running after voting had already opened. The reasons for this are unclear, but this comes after a statement was posted on the SU website saying that “the election rules have been breached by multiple candidates, resulting in The Students’ Union at UWE taking the difficult decision to disqualify these candidates from this year’s Leadership Race.” The SU was not immediately available to comment.

The voting system for this election is Single Transferrable Vote (STV). If no candidate receives at least 50% of votes + 1 vote, then the candidate with the least votes is removed and anyone who put that candidate as their preference has their second preference vote added. This process is repeated until one candidate reaches the threshold.

Students’ Union President

Total valid votes were 2288.

The current SU President, Precious Onyenekwu Tatah, was disqualified from running after voting had opened due to breaking election rules.

Augusta Chidinma Nnajofor was elected as SU President.

Vice President of Community and Welfare

There were 2500 valid votes.

Candidates were Mostak Mohammad Shawon, Ubong Joseph Ante, and Jacob French.

Ubong Joseph Ante was re-elected.

Vice President Sports and Health

Total valid votes were 2444.

Joshua Eseoghene Edje and Chloe Challand ran, with one candidate disqualified after voting had opened.

Joshua Edje was re-elected.

Vice President Societies and Communications

There were 2690 valid votes. Five candidates ran for the position

Candidates were Rahul R. Ramakrishnan, Samuel (no surname given), Timidi Ken Kayama, Derya Khalilpour.

Samuel was elected after three rounds.

Referendum on constitutional changes

The referendum failed. The minimum votes required for the referendum to be valid was 1000, but only 66 votes were cast, with 26 for, 10 against, and 10 abstentions.

Democratic Procedures Officer

There were 1370 valid votes, with Ota Michalek receiving the greatest number of votes. All candidates won the three positions, meaning Ota Michalek, Nabil Sakib, and Christian Calditaran have been elected.

Disabled Students Officer

Sadie Trent, the sole candidate for this position, was elected.

City Campus Officer

There were 1445 valid votes for this position. Mehgan Skelton, the sole candidate, was elected.

BME Officer

There were 1626 valid votes for this position. Sasha Chimbumu, the sole candidate, was elected.

International Students’ Officer

There were 1401 valid votes. Tomas Macek won and was elected.

Featured photo: Maya Bond-Webster

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