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All SU society events cancelled due to COVID-19

Evan Botwood, VP Societies and Communication, announced that all society events, excluding online activities, would be cancelled in an email to students due to Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). UWE is expected to release further guidance this evening, following a statement.

“Hi all Society members,

“Due to the Governments advice concerning the Corona virus, all events, trips, and physical society activities are suspended till further notice. This does not include online activity. This means that any physical meeting of people will not be allowed go ahead, including all events and trips.

“I would encourage you to be creative in how you can move some of your society activity online, as I’m sure people will appreciate the social contact, fun, and other worthwhile activity at this time. It could be that you have regular video calls instead of society meetings, or use screen capture software to continue painting, playing, and discussing with one another.

“The Societies team (Myself, Alice and Georgia) will all be available via email and Facebook during this time. Alice and Georgia have created work Facebook accounts (Alice Opps, and Georgia Williams Opps), so you can message us all on there. Feel free to email any of us with any society questions, or help you may need. There will be minimal staff in the Students Union buildings, so please don’t attempt to contact us in person.

“The Society Awards Ball- We are monitoring the situation, but we will still celebrate society activity regardless, as well as give out awards (including society colours); this may be done online rather than a physical event.

“Find the Universities guidance on the Corona virus here:

“If your Mental Health is affected, then find below support options, and an article by the BBC on ‘Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health’:

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