Statement regarding sixth print issue of HUB Magazine

In light of recent events involving COVID-19, and considering the vastly reduced amount of people on UWE’s campuses, we at HUB Magazine have taken the difficult decision to postpone the next edition of HUB Magazine.

Our original plan, created a few months ago, was to send the latest print edition to the printers this week and to have an increased print run for issue six of HUB Magazine, which would have been distributed in the usual fashion to all UWE campuses and multiple study spaces.

This decision was taken, in part, after discussions with The Students’ Union. Unfortunately, we cannot see value for money in doing this at this time. We believe many copies of this edition would go unread, thus wasting funds of The Students’ Union, who have decided to close several revenue streams in these unprecedented times, potentially exacerbating an already-difficult situation.

Issue 6 of HUB Magazine has already been designed by a talented team of designers, to whom we would like to extend our continued gratitude to for their efforts: Anna Sophie Gemmell, Bettina Barbiah, Charlie Henry, Dan Adams, Ella Francesca Friess, and Toni Hillier.

In the interest of not letting this work go to waste, we have decided to release Issue 6 of HUB Magazine digitally – we hope this will showcase the talent and effort that went in to this release, whilst still allowing our loyal audience to enjoy the magazine safely, from the comfort of their own home.

This decision was not taken lightly.

However, not everything is negative – we have decided to postpone our next print run until August of this year, creating an Issue “6.5” of HUB Magazine. This issue will include many, if not all, of the articles included in the sixth edition of HUB Magazine, but is also expected to include extra articles that may represent events both current and future (at the time of writing). This also gives us the ability to tailor our next print edition to the incoming freshers, and we hope this will increase engagement with our magazine for the coming academic year.

The details of this next edition will be discussed with the incoming committee and editorial team as soon as the Students’ Union announces them to us.

From all of us at HUB Magazine, we wish you the best in these confusing times, and we hope you will stick with us through them.

Thank you very much.

Jack Fifield,
Editor-in-Chief / President;

Sam Thomas,
Head Designer / Vice-President;

Carenza Bramwell,
News Editor;

Jodie Sutton,
Opinion Editor;

Elena-Andreea Oprea,
Culture Editor;

Anna Currenti,
Lifestyle Editor;

Andrew Davey,
Sport Editor;

Ellie Potts,
Head of Photography;

Maya Bond-Webster,
Deputy Head of Photography.

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