UWE Nightingale Hospital to be ready by end of next week

UWE’s Nightingale Hospital, situated at the site of the Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC) on Frenchay Campus, will be ready to accommodate patients from the weekend of 25 April.

Vacuum insulated evaporators (which can store oxygen) in the ECC car park. Photo courtesy NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol.

The hospital will only be used for additional capacity if local services need it, providing additional dedicated ventilator facility for critically ill Covid-19 patients.

An updated timelapse video of the construction work has also been released, in addition to photos and a video released last week.

An updated timelapse has been released. Courtesy NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol.

The hospital, run by North Bristol NHS Trust, will initially open with a small number of beds, but will be expanded to accommodate up to 300 patients if required.

According to UWE’s Vice-Chancellor, Steve West, the ECC and all buildings required will be leased to the NHS at a cost of £1, for as long as it is needed.

Staff will be drawn from within the NHS and from a range of organisations. Frontline staff will be trained on Glenside Campus, equipped with clinical simulation spaces to deliver frontline training to 1000 volunteers over the coming weeks. UWE has over 3000 health and social care students and annually graduates approximately 1500 practitioners into the local and regional health and social care system.

In a video, below, Marie-Noelle Orzel, Chief Officer at the Hospital, she says she is “hoping that we may never need to use this facility”, calling it a “surge facility to provide that extra intensive care bed capacity”. She goes on to thank “the police, the army, the MOD at Abbey Wood, volunteers, local businesses, the local authority” for their input. The full video can be seen below.

Courtesy NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol.

Featured photo of simulation bed on Glenside Campus courtesy of NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol

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