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UWE Student Ambassadors Left Confused After Announcement

After months of uncertainty, UWE Student Ambassadors finally have some clarity about whether or not they qualify for the Governments Furlough Scheme.

In an email sent to Student Ambassadors on June 1st, it was announced that the Student Ambassador Scheme would not “access” the Furlough Scheme.

They acknowledged that the current situation had “had a significant impact on the working patterns of our staff”, while reassuring staff that “any hours which you have already worked in March or April will be paid in the usual way”.

What have they actually said?

The Student Ambassador Scheme have announced that “based on the government’s changing position on furloughed employees and the university’s current financial situation, we have decided not to access it yet”. This announcement has left Student Ambassadors confused and uncertain about what is happening with their income.

The Student Ambassador Scheme then went on to say that “it has therefore been decided that where work would have continued to be offered and where staff have worked at least once in any three months between November 2019 and April 2020 they will qualify for financial assistance from the university”.

This means that the Schemed will be paying some of their staff a “goodwill sum in June 2020”. The amount has not been disclosed but it has been stated that it will be “a sum equivalent to your average earnings over the period November 2019 to April 2020”. It is important to note that this is a one off payment and that “no further payments will be made after June unless work becomes available”.

It is uncertain how many Student Ambassadors have qualified for this goodwill payment, as some have expressed their anger via TRUWE, the universities confession page for students, that some have failed to meet this requirement. The Scheme ended their email with “it is intended solely as a gesture of goodwill, recognising the extraordinary impact the COVID19 Pandemic is having on all of us”.

HUB Magazine received this information from a confidential source, who wishes their identity to remain unknown.

Featured photo: Jack Fifield.

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