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UWE Bristol Cancels Philosophy Course

UWE Bristol’s Philosophy course has been cancelled, with current students to be the final ones to study it.

The BA (Hons) Philosophy course has been the first to be cancelled in a world dominated by COVID 19 and uncertain times for educational establishments. Students, past and present, have expressed their profound sadness over the announcement that their course will no longer be running. The course is one of the smaller ones at UWE, with only 45 students in the current second year cohort.

Run by Dr Katrina Mitcheson and Dr Emiliaon Trizio, it was well known for its unique approach to the subject, with topics such as Hellenistic and Neo-Platonist  philosophies being available for students. It also has strong international connections, such as the Venice Summer School for Phenomenology and an Erasmus exchange programme with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). Local connections in Bristol were also strong. The Watershed Cinema provided a series of philosophical films. A petition, started by current third year Katie Preece, has already gained almost 4000 signatures. It is well on its way to meeting its goal of 5000 signatures.

Max Guiton, a current second year on the course, contacted HUB about this cancellation and made the following statement on the sudden decision: “The news that my university are going to stop providing philosophy is a real shame. It is such an important course that provides profound personal development and unique employment skills. Our lecturers have curated a one of a kind program that you won’t find at other universities, with amazing opportunities in the local community. Dropping the course is a sad move that only decreases the opportunities for non-Russel Group students to access philosophy. We hope that Steve West decides to go back on the decision.”

For more information, please visit the petition started by Katie Preece:

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