Save St Paul’s Adventure Playground

The Covid-19 Student Response Network is helping St Paul’s Adventure Playground after it was devastated by an arson attack.

The CSRN is a student initiative that aims to support as many charities as possible during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The group are organising a fundraising campaign to help rebuild the St Paul’s Adventure Playground following the arson attack. Money raised will also go to helping throughout the year.

Perdita Knight, the team leader on this project, came up with the idea of a bike challenge to raise money. The challenge is also a celebration for the playground being open for 50 years. Several local educational establishments, such as UWE and the University of Bristol are taking part in this plan. Local bike shops have also been contacted about participating and providing bike themed prizes for the fastest groups.

What Do I Have To Do?

To take part, all you have to do is gather together a team of five friends to cycle 50km between you. Each of you will cycle 10km and donate £5. If you do not have a bike or your bike is damaged, bikes are available through the projects bike exchange Instagram page, @stpaulsapg_bike_exchange. This is a community bike shop that specialises in fixing children’s bikes, selling ones for adults and all the funds from this shop go to the playground.  They aim to provide affordable bikes for both children and adults alike as sustainable modes of transport and the keep bikes from ending up on landfill sites.

Who is Involved in the Fundraiser?

The project was started by Perdita Knight, the team leader, with help from Antonia Fane (fundraising), Alkistis Fotopoulou (sponsorships), Alex McInnes (social media), with guidance from Rachel Davies (founding co-manager & director, playground lead). Their vision is to make sure that the people in the St Paul’s Area have a safe space to play.

Where to Get Involved?

The following links are for the places to get involved with the fundraising project:

To donate:

To share your times:

Instructions on What to Do

1. Add yourself to the strava club

2. Email with your team name and 5 team members

3. Each cycle your fastest 10km

4. Donate £5 to our gofundme page!

Feel free to donate more or get others to sponsor your team!

Have fun and good luck!

Featured Image by St Paul’s Adventure Playground, with text design by Perdita Knight

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