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Dog Walkers to Walk the Circumference of the Earth in Virtual World Big Dog Walk 2020

Feeling a bit cooped up inside? Fear not, for now is the time to dust off those walking shoes and head outside.

This years World Big Dog Walk, yes that is a real event, will be a virtual one. All throughout September, dog owners will be encouraged to take their fluffy companions on lots of walks, all with the hope of raising money for dog related charities. This years event is a bit different due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Unlike past years, you are encouraged to participate by yourself rather than as a large group. The aim is to raise thousands of pounds for dog charities while not compromising the safety of the walkers.

Walkers will participate as individuals, completing walks safely by themselves or with people from their social bubble. For the first time, walkers will get to choose the routes they walk with their dogs. It is free to participate in. Walkers can choose to either walk a certain distance or raise a certain amount of money for a dog charity of their choosing.

The total distance between the walkers of the world is a whopping 40,075km, the circumference of the world. This distance has been chosen in order to encourage people to get outside as much as they can. Normally, this event would be held on a specific date and location in each country participating. The next in person Big Dog Walk is set to take place in the Spring of 2021.

Animal charities have suffered due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, with an increase of animals needing their support.

To take place, use to following link to sign up

Best of luck to walkers and tail waggers alike!

Featured Image- Mask Walk Dog from Pixabay by zhugher

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