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UWE Students Left Without Access to Basic IT Functions the Week Before Resits

UWE students have been left without access to Outlook or OneDrive the week before the resit period begins.

Problems began to emerge on July 27th after a number of students complained that they could not access their emails at this vital time. UWE issued a statement on their Twitter account, @UWEBristol, on July 27th at 11:24am. It said: “We’re aware of student’s experiencing issues accessing Outlook and OneDrive. The team is working to resolve this as quickly as they can. Keep checking IT Services Status Page which will be updated with further developments. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The sudden loss of access to these services comes after planned IT work over the weekend of July 25th-26th, which students were informed of. The planned IT work was to merge Outlook and OneDrive, making these features temporarily unavailable over the weekend while the work was in place.

Many students responded angrily to the announcement on Twitter, with one saying “It’s kind of mind-boggling why ITS choose the week before resit deadlines to migrate the OneDrive services… Just wait till no one is resitting coursework (well, first hand in but COVID-19) that has already delayed their graduation“. Their sentiments were shared by another user who said that the IT work was “so inconsiderate that this is happening RIGHT before resits… it’s been down for days“.

Resits are due to begin on August 3rd and take place up until August 21st, with many students relying on the IT services being there for their assessments.

At the time of publishing this article, there has been no further update on the issue in hand and the IT services are still unavailable.

Featured Photo: Jack Fifield.

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