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Review- HEKA’s New Single “Club 1980”

Bristol based band HEKA have just released their second single, ‘Club 1980’, and it has the same dream-like quality as the first.

“What an assured and captivating debut ‘Fake Smile’ is with its hypnotic beat and those sweeping synthy textures that I love”
– Richard Pitt BBC Introducing.

‘Fake smile’ received 20,000 views on YouTube in its first three weeks, and I have no doubt ‘Club 1980’ will join it. While their last song felt like falling down the rabbit hole, ‘Club 1980’ feels like emerging in wonderland. What other delights might they have in store?

The hypnotic, retro feel of the last single is quickly becoming an iconic part of their sound, as ‘Club 1980’ opens with snippets of bird calls and hints of synths. Like their first song, it builds up a landscape of sound before introducing the full song. As soon as the vocals come in, you’ll find yourself floating across the dancefloor – or your sitting room – like a ghost of the 80s. Singer Anton propels the ghostly vibe. His vocals are dripping with emotion. By the end of the song, you feel like you’re falling all over again. I for one can’t wait to fall deeper into the rabbit hole as they continue to release music.

‘Club 1980’ is four minutes of calm reflection, yet it’s upbeat enough to dance and sing to. HEKA are definitely a band that have found some true imagination and inspiration in this strange and scary year.

The music video is due next week! Keep your ears to the ground, this band is going places.

‘Club 1980’ will be available on all digital platforms from 14th October.

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Rosie Bowers is a Second Year Drama Student.

Press photos by @twinsenuk on Instagram

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