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THEY CAGED IN OUR YOUNG- Poetry by Alexis Clement

They caged in our young, to play out their sinister plans.

They sent them to the front line, with face masks and temperature scans.

They made compliance natural, ‘the new normal’ all they knew.

They slowly but surely skewed their worldview

They chose their time wisely and locked down the earth.

They sucked out natural rebellion, from this generations’ birth.

They confused them and blamed them; they installed an innate fear.

They wiped out self-confidence from the middle and bottom tier.

They kept the top for themselves, the blood money and power.

They stole their human rights, diminished them by the hour.

They imposed a curfew and broke their own laws.

They shifted blame from themselves, to create division and brawls.

They led them blindly into dictatorship, even the ones who could see.

They did it bit by bit.  They broke down the free.

They didn’t give them a choice; the pathways were already set.

They made fools of the outspoken, bad odds on a losing bet.

They pushed on hard with what they had planned.

They took the minds of our children, disobedience was banned.

They made them self-isolate, locked them in a room.

They took away physical contact with social distancing and Zoom.

They stopped them having fun, made police of their peers.

They tore down the arts, and dreams of their future years.

They drove them down in their millions, stomped them to the ground

They couldn’t feel the pressure they’d built, and diamonds came unbound.

They didn’t count on the shine of those people, something they couldn’t snuff.

They didn’t seem to realise this generation was made of tougher stuff.

They didn’t see the uprising, they thought that they had won.

They underestimated the public; they didn’t think to run.

They spewed ‘Not for they many, only for the some’,

They couldn’t see beyond their fat bellies, that their day had come.

They sat there guffawing, lies drooling from their chin,

They gorged on capitalist gluttony, a mortal deadly sin,

They didn’t see our children get angry; our heroes unsung.

They really should’ve thought twice, before they caged in our young.

Alexis Clement is a third year Creative and Professional Writing student.

Featured image is Prison Cell Jail by Ichiago121212 on Pixabay.

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