Six Instagram Worthy Spots to Visit in Bristol

Bristol is an amazing city that is full of creativity and spots for the perfect Instagram post. Just by searching #Bristol on Instagram will show you an abundance of sights that others have captured and build up your excitement as you await your move to Bristol for university and the delights it brings. Here is my list of recommended spots that are perfect for Instagram:

Dower House

The Dower House is a very popular spot for photographs, for both the locals and tourists alike. It is located in Stoke Park, on a hill above the M32 motorway and it one of Bristol’s more prominent landmarks as you approach the city. It is not hard to spot with its bright yellow exterior and is surrounded by lush green grasses, which is the perfect spot for picnics and gatherings with friends. The area is quiet and secluded, providing a getaway spot from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Royal York Crescent

Royal York Crescent is located in Clifton Village, just outside the city centre, and is a residential street. It has a fantastic view as it overlooks the docks, harbour and city below; a sight that is not to be missed! Royal York Crescent is one of the most expensive streets in Bristol and it’s the ideal location to show off this amazing city. If you adventure up to Clifton Village, this location is a must have spot for your Instagram.

Clifton Observatory

Clifton Observatory is another prominent landmark of Bristol and offers spectacular views of Clifton Suspension Bridge and the city beyond. It is an historic windmill with an observation tower and features a Camera Obscura for a unique experience of the wonders of the city. There is a small café situated on the side of the windmill with wide glass windows for you to look out at the surrounding greenery as you drink your coffee; I wouldn’t give this a miss!

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Avon Gorge with the Avon River, and links Clifton to Leigh Woods, North Somerset. This is one of the most popular sights in Bristol and there are hundreds of murals, photographs and paintings of it within the city. You can walk across the whole bridge, and you can also drive over it (toll charges apply) to bask in the beauty of this wonderful city. You will not want to pass up the opportunity for a photograph at this location.

College Green

College Green is a circular public open space in the centre of Bristol. It is surrounded by a variety of historic and important buildings and monuments, including City Hall, the Cathedral, the Lord Mayor’s Chapel, the Abbey Gatehouse and Queen Victoria’s statue. This is the perfect spot to relax and hang out with friends and provides a spot of greenery within the city centre. This is a popular area for protests and marches, showcasing how often history is created and carried out in this location, and is another ideal capture for your Instagram.


Bristol Harbourside is an attractive and modern area that is filled with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and hotels. The area comes alive during the weekends and people gather here to eat, drink and socialise with a fantastic view of the harbour. There are also markets on a Sunday, and lots of sports and activities on offer, including paddle boarding, cycling, rowing and yachting; there is something for everyone!

I hope this little guide around the city’s most Instagrammable spots will help you to accustom yourself to the city and provide you with lots of new content for your Instagram. There are so many things to see and do around Bristol, you’ll constantly be unlocking treasures as you explore more of your new home.

Sarah Scorey is a second year Photography student and this years Head of Photography. You can follow her @withmylittlecamera on Instagram.

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