Feminism and Photography- An Exploration

When people hear the word “Femininity”, they often immediately associate it with the colour pink, flowers, long flowing hair etc. but that preconception does not describe the femininity of all women today. All of us women express our femininity in our own ways, and some of us are more feminine than others, and that’s completely okay.

Personally, I tend to think of myself as quite a feminine woman. This is due to my love of “girly” colours like pastel pinks, purples, oranges and blues, how I like flowers, but also in the way I dress and conduct myself. I shot a series of portraits in the studio to try and express my own femininity through another model, as I am not a fan of the self-portrait route, and I feel I achieved this. My images highlight my love of pink through the coloured backdrop and painted flowers, and the model is quite confident in her stance and how she conducts herself in front of the camera, which I feel reflects my own confidence in myself as a person, as well as my abilities.

I am not trying to reduce all women into one box regarding femininity. In contrast, I am expressing myself as a woman and how it is okay to be feminine, gentle and soft-hearted as today it can be associated with weakness, but I’m showing it off as my strength.

We are all feminine in our own ways, and we should be immensely proud of that.

Sarah Scorey is a second year Photography student and you can follow her on Instagram @withmylittlecamera.

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