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HUB Magazine Go Back to Back with One2 Events: A New Name in Minimal House

You only need to spend a few minutes of aimless social media scrolling to know that the music industry has been hanged, drawn and quartered in light of this years events. 2020 may have completely redefined the term ‘bedroom DJ’ – unintentionally, but somewhat ironically. It’s not all doom and gloom though (despite what it may seem). With no where besides the internet to showcase all the music that’s been produced since we went into the first lockdown, DJs, musicians and producers alike have their fingers firmly on the trigger. With a vaccine on the way, and lockdown restrictions being constantly re evaluated, we may be considerably closer to all dancing under one roof again. Fingers crossed.

Some of us out there remain optimistic. On the 12th November 2019, London based resident DJ’s George Foley, Harry Richards and Nick Pepall kick-started their own events brand, ‘One2 Events’. Bristol resident and co founder George Foley had a chat with HUB Magazine to give us the low down on where they started, where they are now, and all there is to come.

Where did the idea for One2 come from?

Me and Harry Richards got into mixing roughly the same time. Although Harry went to Reading Uni and I went to UWE, we both gradually watched each others progression through 2019. We also share a similar music taste, and would regularly message each other too see how we were getting on, and what we both had in store next. We share similar friendship groups and we would regularly be asked by our mates, ‘why don’t you too B2B at a local party?’. We both liked the idea of this, but it became evident it wouldn’t do. 4am one Sunday morning, the name One2 was created. Weeks later, we were contacting venues for our first event. A year in we are taking things more seriously, but still focusing on our love and passion for the scene and the way music brings people together. 

How have things progressed for you guys?

Our first party was a club called Vanilla Windsor. We had no expectations on how many tickets we would sell or the reception it would get from the local crowd. Our most ambitious project to date was released November 13th At Orange Yard Soho, a well-established London Club, also the sister club of E1.  We released tickets a week later, 22nd November. Tickets sold out in around 30 seconds! After talks with the venue, we managed to add a second date (29th) and sell it out simultaneously. 

How have you dealt with the pandemic as a brand? Has it caused any many major setbacks?

With lockdown preventing us from hosting events, we started a livestream series. This meant we could still promote One2 even with everyone being stuck at home. The livestream featured 3 sets from resident DJ’s which were professionally filmed and streamed to Facebook. When lockdown was eased but restrictions still in place, we began to look at hosting socially distanced events. At first we weren’t too sure. We thought people wouldn’t be keen on having to sit down and stick to groups of 6… We have always believed in hosting actual raves, with lively atmospheres. However, after realising Covid-19 wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and seeing other events brands successfully hosting these types of events we thought we would give it a shot. 

Goals going forward?

  • Cracking the London scene and hosting proper raves once things are back to normal
  • For One2 to be recognised as reputable and professional by artists and venues, enabling us to scale up and host events at bigger venues with top headliners
  • To maintain the community feel to the brand, and keep events inclusive to everyone 

How would you best describe your sound?

We predominantly play minimal house, a sound very close to garage (which seems to be growing again in the underground scene). We take inspiration from labels like ‘PIV’, but we want to add our own twist on things. We are not afraid to dip into more upbeat house, piano house and sometimes even disco. We want to be original. 

One2 are set to host their 1st Birthday party under socially distanced guidelines; A New Years special – 28th and 29th December at 14:00 UTC

Harvey Dibden Angus is a Second Year History Student and this years News Editor

George Foley is a Second Year Business Computing Student

Featured Photography by Alex McDowell

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