Opinion: Require UWE to Partially Refund Tuition Fees for 2020-2021 Due to COVID-19

Maya Bond-Webster is a Third Year Student in Media and Cultural Production and this years Social Sec/Media Officer

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Please sign and share this petition: http://chng.it/6NxCTDSB

The University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) should give their students a partial refund due to consequences of COVID-19 and the government restrictions. The students have not received the quality of education that was advertised by the university when they registered for this academic year. This includes the full use of facilities, blended learning and modifications and support for those with Special Learning Difficulties.

With Government restrictions, the university has closed all their facilities, making students question why they must pay the full tuition fee. Students should not be required to pay full tuition, both Home Fees and International Fees, for a university that is offering the same method of learning and accessibility to facilities as an Open University course, which costs roughly £3,000 per year.

The university should care about this situation because during the pandemic, their students are struggling financially and their mental health is being heavily effected. Receiving a partial refund would go a long way for the students. In particular, International Students are paying a significantly larger amount compared to the Home Fees. Their situation is much worse as a majority of them have come from overseas to attend this university.

Additionally, the university has failed to create acceptable adjustment to online learning for those with Special Learning Difficulties. Students who struggle with the changes in learning techniques have not been given the appropriate amount of support since the beginning. This is an unjust treatment to those who are already having difficulties compared to their peers.

This is a time for UWE to show that they are not just a business, but a university that CARES about their students. They receive an abundance of financing from students, donors, alumni, etc., and it would be right for them to give a partial refund back to the students as they deserve it.

Please Sign and share this petition to persuade UWE to give students a partial refund for tuition fees: http://chng.it/6NxCTDSB

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  1. Yes I fully agree. I think the online learning aspect of things is fine for the meantime whilst dealing with a pandemic, needs must and all; but still charging the full tuition fee for this watered down delivery of education, and lack of facility access leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth. I don’t expect a full refund, but a partial refund is definitely needed. As landlords are still charging full rent to many students who are not even occupying the rooms, we’re still paying full price for an experience the equivalent of sitting at home and watching some YouTube videos. I feel taken advantage of, not accommodated to.

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