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UWE Bristol Announces Plans for Lockdown Three and What That Means for Students

Carenza Bramwell is a third year Creative and Professional Writing student and this years President/Editor-in-Chief

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As of midnight January 5th, the UK was placed into its third national lockdown. This lockdown is similar to the one we faced in March, with no definite end date in site. The only difference being that we have a vaccine. The key message is for people where possible to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

But what does that mean for students? At 18:32 on January 5th, students of UWE received an email from Steve West, Vice-Chancellor with key information about what is happening in the coming months.

Returning to Bristol and Campus

Unless you are already in Bristol, or study one of the courses exempt by the government, all students should remain where they currently are. It is against the law for students to return to their term time accommodation as stated by the government. If you are an international student with a flight booked to return to the UK, you are advised to keep the flight and keep up to date with government rules.

Which Courses are Exempt?

If you study one of the following courses, you are exempt from government rules on student travel- nursing, midwifery, allied health, social work or education. Your teaching will continue to have a blended approach of online and on-campus teaching. You are encouraged to return to university to continue your studies. For more guidance, please make sure you are checking your UWE Bristol emails and Blackboard for up to date information about teaching.

What Resources are Available?

The following UWE facilities will remain open throughout lockdown- specialist labs for those conducting research and all facilities for the exempt courses. Both Frenchay and Glenside libraries will remain open. Some hospitality will remain open, however this will be for takeaway only.


Following the government announcement, UWE Bristol will be remaining exclusively online until mid-February 2021. It is strongly advised for students to make sure they are checking their UWE Bristol emails and Blackboard for up to date information for their specific courses.


Many students will be anxious about what this lockdown means for their assessments. In the March 2020 lockdown, a non-detriment policy was introduced. This has since been scrapped and replaced with the following policies:

“Capping has been removed from the regulations for resits and retakes”

This means that if you have to resit or retake a module, your grade will no longer be capped, unless it is stated in your module handbook.

“You can still submit coursework late up to 24 hour after the deadline”

This means that the coursework window remains open, with it’s 24 extension policy. It also means that if you fail to submit 24 hours after the deadline, there is still a penalty in place. Capped marks for late coursework also remain, and are reduced to the pass mark of 40% for undergraduates and 50% for postgraduates.

“Assessment support”

Assessment support is still available online to assist you with upcoming deadlines. For more information, please visit the Assessment Support Options page, linked here:,1P3KQ,8UDN91,5SCSB,1

“Want some time out?”

There is now an option to temporarily suspend your studies. To do this, you will need to book an appointment with a Student Support Adviser via Information Point. They will be able to talk you through the options available to you and explain them.

“Cohort adverse circumstances”

UWE Bristol have introduced a process called cohort adverse circumstances. This is for when a group of students have been particularly affected during an assessment.

“For students whose modules were affected during 2019/2020”

If you were a student during the previous lockdown, UWE Bristol are calculating an average for the pre-pandemic teaching period.

To Summarise

Unless you are a student on one of the exempt courses, you are to stay wherever you currently are residing. All teaching will be moved online until at least mid-February 2021. The no-detriment policy has been replaced with additional support. Certain facilities will remain open throughout this lockdown. It is strongly advised for all students to keep an eye on their emails and Blackboard for regular updates about the lockdown and pandemic.

Key Resources


UWE Bristol Coronavirus Guidance Page-,1P3KQ,8UDN91,5SCSB,1

UWE Bristol Alternative Academic Regulations Page-,1P3KQ,8UDN91,5SCSB,1

UWE Bristol Finances or Wellbeing Support Page-,1P3KQ,8UDN91,5SCSB,1

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