How to Volunteer in Lockdown with Studenteer

Ella Staden is a third year English Literature with Writing student.

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New year, new… Lockdown

Are you feeling blue about the latest restrictions? Yeah, us too. But sitting around feeling glum about things won’t change anything!

2020 was really tough, but let’s look at the positives: we’ve found all sorts of creative ways to make use of time, help each other, be resilient and adapt to the ‘new normal’, while spending a lot more time in our pyjamas… (That’s got to be a bonus, right?)

While it’s been exceptionally challenging in so many ways, it’s also made us the strongest, toughest and most resilient cohort of students out there. The constant changes to our uni and personal lives (not to mention trying to make sense of all the confusing mixed messages from the government) has taught us how to be adaptable, which is great because… adapt we must. With businesses in various sectors being hit hard by the pandemic, the job market is even more competitive than normal, so it’s more important than ever to use this time as an opportunity to build your CV – to make it sparkle

I know it’s a scary time to be thinking about your career, particularly if you’re graduating amidst all this confusion, but fear not! There are ways to boost your chances and make you stand out.  

HUB Magazine recently heard about an exciting new start-up called Studenteer, which brings students and organisations together, creating mutually beneficial volunteering opportunities. During the pandemic, charities, SMEs and Not-For-Profits have struggled disproportionately, and now these organisations desperately need your help. 

Studenteer talks to students about their current skills, and what they hope to achieve through volunteering, including what they want on their CV. Students are then matched with a charity, SME or good cause requiring those skills, to undertake a project. As well as providing you with a placement, Studenteer also arranges free training and matches you with a mentor to help you get the best out of your experience. 

This can easily be done alongside your studies, as you only need to have 3+ hours per week available, and all placements are remote. Volunteering is a really valuable opportunity to network and gain professional contacts, build confidence and skills, and give you purpose if you’re struggling with direction at the moment. Not to mention looking amazing on your CV. 

Studenteer is a not-for-profit enterprise run exclusively by students and recent graduates to promote positive change and help people get closer to their goals during this Covid era. Some of their recent student volunteers – or ‘Studenteers’ – have been building websites, managing social media accounts and implementing marketing campaigns for both small and large charitable organisations.  

In this challenging work climate, we as students need to be more proactive than normal, but there are opportunities out there and companies in need of fresh ideas and skillsets. Use your free time to make a positive change this year, and build your CV so that you’re equipped and ready to approach the job market in the future.   Visit for more information.

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