Virtual Volunteering: How do I get involved?

Finley MacDonald is a third year Criminology with Psychology student. Featured imagery from NSPCC Organisation. YOUNG VOL3.jpg

In light of ‘National Student Volunteering Week’, it is important to recognise the volunteering opportunities that are available. Volunteering is a great way to make a difference to the community, gain new skills, make new friends whilst enhancing your CV. Life can be so busy which makes it extremely different to fit in ways to help others, so finding a volunteer role that is flexible is important. 


What do they do? The NSPCC, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, provide a service to protect children at risk and ensure safety for all children. As a virtual fundraising volunteer for the NSPCC, I have developed numerous skills whilst feeling great about giving back to the community. If you want to hear more on volunteering for the NSPCC, please feel free to email me on

How much time do I need to contribute? It is dependent on the role but most roles only ask for 2-3 hours per month.

How can I get involved? 


What do they do: nightline is a student listening service that is open at night run for students, by students? A great way to develop skills of listening, communication and problem solving. 

How much time do I need to contribute: It is completely up to you!

How can I get involved:

The Access Project

What do they do: The Access Project is an education charity that supports disadvantaged young people to progress to University by tutoring. Ideal for anyone is wanting a career path in education, childhood development or just a great way to further your skills!

How much time do I need to contribute: 1 hour per week.

How can I get involved:

Milestone Trust

What do they do: Milestone Trust is a health and social care charity that supports people with learning difficulties, mental health needs or people living with dementia; an extremely rewarding way to help the community!

How much time do I need to contribute: Casual hours that can fit around a busy lifestyle!

How can I get involved:

Whatever way you get involved, you are making a huge difference. In a year that is full of consistent changes, let’s make one change; to help each other – start with volunteering.

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