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Bridgerton Review- Lady Whistledown Style

Chloe Smith is a Third Year Creative and Professional Writing student and this years Lifestyle Editor. Image created by Chloe Smith

In the Crater of One’s Sofa, 2021.

Dearest reader,

The time has come to place our bets on how many crumbs have been acquired on our crumpled collars as we are weeks deep into the lockdown season.

The rifling series Bridgerton has taken over hours of our time in only a mere few binge-ful days. The newest delight for Netflix viewers has had its presence simply dangled in front of the careful watcher’s eye but, was ever so short lived within the unsocial spell of the isolation period. A full eight episodes completed within a whoosh of a horse’s tail, dazzling us with exquisite costumes, characters and settings.

The opulent novel-inspired series explores honour, hardship, indignity, romance and scandal tearing from tradition, resulting in suspense and enthralling drama. 

Most of all, challenging the female ‘condition’, raw candidness and unmasking of realities gave the show a mighty triumph in storming up the most alluring storyline filled with love, lust and internal tempests.

The unparalleled backdrop, music and language is nothing short of inspiring, and the acting and sub plots are each gripping in their own ways. 

The delightful Shonda Rhimes has most definitely risen to the task of uplifting souls, throwing them into the regal world of Bridgerton, allowing viewers to escape the harsh reality that we find ourselves in. A blissfully easy watch for those who choose to view after the most treasuring trailer, stirring passions and spirit.

For those who have not yet shared the pleasurable sight of the Duke of Hastings (and of course the sequences of the regency rivalry), may God have mercy on their souls, for they have not yet gazed over the most remarkable coup of the season.

And for all wandering minds, the speculated talk over a new series does nothing but excite. For should the story end there, dear reader, it shall end in riot and scandal. 

Yours Truly,

Lady Smith’ledown

(Chloe Smith)

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