Dressing Up on World Book Day- World Book Day 2021

Rosie Bowers is a Second Year Drama Student and this years Opinion Editor. Featured Image is from Pixabay by Meandcolours.

My earliest memory of World Book Day dress-up was donning a bridesmaid dress I already used, and a homemade crown to be the White Dueen from Through The Looking Glass. No one knew who I was until I told them, but I had a great time. That year, my head teacher dressed as Willy Wonka, and she gave us sweets at the door. Eating sweets while wearing a fun costume on a Thursday morning, age ten, it became cemented in my young mind that World Book Day was a magical day.

We all love dressing up for Halloween, but when I was a kid, it was book day that got the non-uniform, pound to dress up treatment.

Another year, I dressed as the Queen of Hearts. Then, a little older, I was Batgirl. But by the time I reached year nine, I noticed something completely alien to me. People weren’t dressing up. They just paid the pound and wore their normal clothes. I was outraged. Imagine having a day dedicated to dressing as whoever you wanted and choosing to dress as yourself. For this disappointing situation, I blame two things: uniform, and teenagers.

Putting my personal hatred of uniforms aside, this makes some sense. If you only have one day, every six weeks, where you can properly express yourself in front of everyone you know, why would you waste it dressed as someone else?

This merges with my point about teenagers. Teenagers are bored by school uniform, and very judgemental. And I was not a confident child. So for these reasons, I’ve not dressed up on World Book Day for eight, boring years. But earlier today, I had a realisation. I am an adult now. No one can stop me from dressing up. And it’s not like I’m going anywhere; I could wear a ballgown to breakfast if I really wanted.

So, this year on World Book dDay (March 4th), I’ll be dressing up for the first time since I was twelve. It’s not going to be extravagant, as I do still have to do life things. But it will be my outfit to enjoy. One of the best things about being an adult, so far, is doing everything you loved as a child on your own terms.

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