To Postgraduate, or to NOT Postgraduate?

Finley MacDonald is a Third Year Criminology with Psychology Student. Featured Image is by Pexels on Pixabay.

For many students, the thought of a future after University is extremely nerve-wracking yet exciting. A new chapter of our lives in perhaps a new city, a new job surrounded by new people… it sounds so exciting!!

However, when you’re thinking about staying on ANOTHER year in education and your friends seem to be moving on in life, you start to think maybe you are making the wrong decision.

BUT… there is no wrong decision!

“Why would you want an extra £10,000 debt?! You’ve been through enough!”

Don’t let the debt put you off, if a postgraduate degree means you have the potential to earn more money in your chosen career field then you have the potential to pay your loan off quicker! If you can do a career you love, debt will not matter to you.

“You’re just putting off a future!”

A postgraduate degree can be undertaken during any part of your life, your life can still continue alongside it if you’re doing full or part time studies meaning your future is not affected! Part-time studies can help you balance a job and family-lifestyle whilst gaining a further qualification, your future does not have to stop.

Ask yourself:

  • Does this postgraduate course interest me?

If the answer is yes, this degree may be right for you. It is important to study something that interests you, this will help you excel in the work and follow a career path specialising in something that you enjoy.

  • What jobs in my field require a postgraduate?

Research the jobs you are interested in and what level of study they require. You may find some jobs only require an undergraduate degree, so a postgraduate is completely optional!

If you are unsure what to do, contact UWE career advisers who can help you decide the best route for your career. Lecturers, PAL leaders, APT supervisors are also other people that you can access for any career and job prospects advice.

Finley has been accepted onto the MSc Forensics Science at UWE for 2021/2022. Please contact her for any personal advice on masters applications, personal statements or other queries:

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