The Comets and Bullets Smash Their Fundraising Goal for Teenage Cancer Trust

Andrew Davey is a Third Year Journalism and Media Student and this years Sports Editor. Featured Image is from Pixabay by happyveganfit.

The Comets are UWEs cheerleading squad, and Bullets are UWE’s American football team. They found out that the Teenage Cancer Trust was holding a squat challenge and decided they needed to take part. The challenge requires participants to complete 2800 squats over February. 

Zora Barber, the UWE Comets President, said, “We knew this would be the perfect way for the UWE Comets to raise money for such an important cause”.

Before they started the month of pain, Mae French, the Events and Fundraising Officer for the UWE Comets, set a goal of £300 to reach. Mae said she chose the target as she believed it was a feasible target based of previous fundraises the club had done for the mental health charity known as Mind. However, they did not expect to smash this goal so quickly. By their first day into the leg destroying challenge, they had not only reached £300, but far exceeded it by raising an insane £1000.

Their ambition didn’t stop there. With this achievement already under their belt, they adjusted their goal to £1750. After day by day completing their 100 squats, the money slowly came in and finally, they reached this goal just days before finishing the challenge. The total the teams have raised now sit at £1812, far exceeding everyone’s expectations. 

Mae spoke after the event on their motivations saying, “ This year has been a tough one for a lot of people, and we felt something needed to be done to encourage our teammates to get motivated while still giving back to those in need.”

Zora Barber said, “We were overwhelmed with the donations to our fundraiser”. She also made it clear that they didn’t want to stop there. “We are hoping to fit in at least one more fundraiser before the end of this season, even if it means getting creative to follow current government guidelines. We will chat to other members of our committee and our team to decide on our next charity as we believe it should be a team decision!”

If you want to contribute go to the UWE comets Facebook page to donate.

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