The Royal Interview: No Winners

Judi Johnson in a Third Year Creative and Professional Writing Student. Featured Image is from Pixabay by talpeanu.

First of all, I have no axe to grind, just a view on the latest revelations. I do think Harry and Meghan are a great loss to Britain but they clearly have their reasons for moving away. 

However, did Meghan really have no idea what she was getting into by marrying into the Royal Family? Such naivety is mind-boggling, to be honest. But also, the man she married should have made damn sure she DID know what she was getting into and how! 

Any couple preparing for their wedding meets the family, finds out about their intended values, traditions, expectations and then, usually, goes ahead anyway. If they’re in love and they want to.

I seriously did not realise there were many people on the planet who were not aware of what happened to Harry’s mum, Princess Diana. So, surely, if you are marrying the son you find out as much as you can, don’t you? If Harry didn’t forewarn her then surely her friends could have said something. Or any other member of the family. And if not, for heaven’s sake, why not?

This wedding, this was a big deal. The second son of the heir to the British throne getting hitched. I don’t care that she was divorced, or that she was an American actress or that she was a woman of colour. So what? She was, they were, a couple who had fallen in love and wanted to get married.


But what I really don’t understand in all this is, if the couple’s relationship with the Queen herself is so good, as they claim, then why did they not share the issues they raised in their Oprah interview, with the Queen first? Years ago? Instead of telling the world on network television.

And if they did share their very considerable and painful issues with her Majesty, why then did the Queen not do something about it all then? If she was told and did nothing, then how come the relationship between herself and the couple is still so good? If she did offer help then why are they now telling the world again, in this fashion?

I don’t understand. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

I have always had, and continue to have, great respect for the Royal Family and for the Queen in particular. I believe she reigns in faith and with a good heart. Any family will have its troubles, theirs are just more public, especially when they are brought out into the open on a chat show on television, watched by millions. As has happened, with great fall-out, at least twice before.

Wake up Harry and Meghan and smell the roses. Accept that you have made your choices and you have much privilege and opportunity to continue doing great good in the world. Bringing issues to light that need healing is right and proper and should be dealt with by the people who love you.

And I think that the other challenge anyone in the news faces is a part of the British tabloid press, which can be very cruel sometimes, even if unintentionally. I wish all members of this great British, and American, family the very best in dealing with the painful episodes that they are, have been, and no doubt will continue to go through. May they find their peace.  I don’t think there will be any outright winners here. But hopefully things will change for the better.

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