A Day in the Life of an Architecture Student- Lockdown Edition

Maream Merza is a First Year Architecture Student. Photography by Maream Merza.

Sunday 8th March 2021.

Hello people, I am Merza and I am going to take you through my day of being a first year architecture student in lockdown. Being an architecture student requires commitment and a designed routine in order to keep pace with both your professional work and personal life (which is non-existent for me).

First of all, I wake up at around 8 o’clock (that’s if I didn’t stay up all night doing work) and prepare breakfast; granola oats with oat milk and fruits (everyday). I enjoy my morning breakfast with something to read, in this case, a manga (currently reading My Hero Academia as the anime was really good).

It is a Sunday therefore there aren’t any classes but it still is busy as ever. All of the classes I am attending currently are online but I am still at UWE campus as I enjoy the amount of desk space I have in my accommodation. And as an architecture student, who learns more about problem solving, I have found many ways into adapting working with routine in mind. This is calling for showing off the desk space so here it is. Hope you like what I did with the wall; mosaic pictures of all my favourite things and a lot of notes on the side as well.

I type some emails looking for internships this summer of 2021 to send during the week and then do some Project Four (one of three modules) which involves creating something similar to an education centre but it’s also more than that. I am not at the stage where I have finalised my concept ideas and starting to put it to scale. After I have finished my drawings and I am completely happy with my concept (which I still have to know whether my teachers will like it) I go to the UWE Library for scanning and printing all the documents.

After I have finished my work for the day, it is time for dinner, and for that I am making jacket potatoes, the Dutch style. You bake the potatoes, put some butter and cheese straight after it comes out of the oven and then add some salads (one is cucumber with yoghurt and the other is red beans, corn, carrots, tomatoes, pickles and onions). I will tell you that it was a delicious dinner.

 After dinner, having scanned all my documents and printed some of the images of the sketch model I made, I use the rest of the day to work on some annotations for the models I have made and put together the presentation for tomorrow’s review which I will pray will be something the teachers are impressed with.

Thank you for reading this, if you’re reading it at all. I hope this gives you an insight of what it is like being an architecture on a Sunday, a day of rest ironically. If you want to know whether the teachers liked my work, make sure to check out my blog on

Have a lovely day and I will leave you with this perfectly symmetrical image of the sun as it sets on the West and feeling the night come in as another weekend ends and a busy week will come rushing in (not like the weekend was any different from the week).

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