2021 Isn’t All Doom, Gloom and Disaster

Carenza Bramwell is a Third Year Creative and Professional Writing Student and this year’s Editor-in-Chief. Featured Image is Mountains Hills Sky by 12019 from Pixabay.

One of the first articles I wrote for HUB when I first joined in 2019 was called “2019 Isn’t All Doom, Gloom and Disaster”. It was an article highlighting some of the good things that had happened in 2019. As my time at UWE and HUB comes to an end, I thought I would return to the subject of good things. It may feel that nothing good has happened in 2021, but these news stories will tell you otherwise.

I thought these mountains captured the hopeful vibes I was going for. Showing that brighter days are ahead.

Mouse Deer Born at Bristol Zoo

This was the story that sparked this article. A Mouse Deer was born at Bristol Zoo in March-April. The baby is currently the height of standard pencil and is only the second of its species to be born at Bristol Zoo in the past 10 years. The Mouse Deer, also known as chevrotains, are the smallest hoofed mammals in the world. The zoo reported that the mother and baby were doing well. The baby has also discovered a taste for sweet potatoes. How cute!

New Initiative to Reuse Old PPE

A Cornish social enterprise has begun developing a way to refuse PPE after the pandemic. Waterhaul, which currently recycles fishing nets and plastic wastes, has launched a project to take used masks and melt them into plastic blocks to make new products. The first item they plan on making is a litter-picker. Working with NHS hospitals in Cornwall, the company will pay the hospitals for the used PPE. They are currently hosting a Kickstarter to fund this project.  

Google Maps to Show the Most Eco-Friendly Routes

Google Maps is introducing a feature to encourage drivers to use the most eco-friendly routes available. It is set to be introduced in the US before becoming available globably later this year. The company has said that the route with lowest carbon footprint will be presented as the default option when it has roughly the same ETA as the fastest route.

More Women to be Honoured with Blue Plaques

There are over 900 blue plaques across London, but only 14% of those plaques are dedicated to women. The English Heritage have been asking the members of the public to nominate female candidates. The women who have been announced so far include Princess Diana, who would have celebrated her 60th birthday in 2021, anti-slavery campaigner Ellen Craft, Caroline Norton, who campaigned for changes to divorce laws and, Jean Muir, a fashion designer.

Oscars Praised For Being the “Most Diverse Ever”

Say what you will about the Oscars, but this year’s felt different. The 2021 Oscars celebrated women, people of colour and older actors for once. Chloe Zhao became the second woman to win Best Director, while Emerald Fennell became one of the few women to win Best Original Screenplay. Youn Yuh-jung and Daniel Kaluuya scooped up the Best Supporting Actress and Actors awards, meaning that half the acting awards went to people of colour. Three of the four acting awards when to people over the age of 60. Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor at 83, Frances McDormand won Best Actress at 63 and Youn Yuh-jung won Best Supporting Actress at 73. It sparked praise online as the Oscars are usually not so diverse.

In searching online, I found a mass of sites dedicated to sharing the positive or good news stories taking place across the world. It may feel that very few good things have happened this year, but with lockdown in sight, 2021 may not be so bad after all.

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